Institutional Cooperation
of UCT Prague + UiT Tromso
Establishing of Institutional Cooperation between UiT The Arctic University of Norway and University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague in education in the field of food quality and biotechnology


Project No: NF-CZ07-ICP-3-180-2015

The education and research perspective of both UCT Prague and UiT Tromso is within biotechnology and food chemistry.

While UCT Prague emphases mainly on continental agriculture and food sciences, the focus at the UiT involves marine compounds and resources. There is a mutual need for a more extensive education for students, particularly at the PhD level.

The two institutions intend to start collaboration on the tertiary level of education, through which we hope to achieve synergic effects with higher quality in our educational programs. This we believe can beachieved through student exchange and sharing of staff and equipment for access to more and highly competent staff and to more advanced technology in respective areas. Through uniting some key resources, we can provide better and more relevant training and courses for the students then what is possible with today’s internal resources.

In addition, it will provide both staff and students with valuable international experience, and allow them to build and extend their international network.

The proposed project will be very helpful and complementary to the national project running at the UCT Prague (TACR TE01020080, Centre of competence for the biorefinery research). The cooperation with UiT Tromso, where the similar project is being solved (The MabCent-SFI at UiT, A centre for Research-based Innovation on Marine Bioactives and Drug Discovery, focused on biorefinery and bioprospecting of marine (micro)organisms) will help to develop the superstructural activities realized in the Czech Republic.